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We have a solution For all your pest cntrol needs

More Than Just Pest Control

is your home free of unwanted pests? let us help.

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From bees, wasps, fleas, ticks, rodents, bats and more, no one offers the experienced technicians  Pride has to offer.

Call Pride first or call us last but call, as there are many treatment options available.  You and your wallet will be glad you called.

We will thoroughly inspect your home and properly identify you have termites.  We will only offer proven and guaranteed solutions.

There are many types of ants.  We will properly identify your concern and offer you the proper remedy.

Pride technicians are well trained in a variety of areas.  Our technicians have on average 17 years of field experience in all phases of pest control.  

We are trained and experienced in ant, flea, bed bug, termite, roach, tick control and much much more.  

Are technicians are also well trained to rid you of unwanted rodents as well as bats.

Call us first or call us last, but call us!  You and your wallet will both be glad you called.

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